Monday, October 26, 2009

25meters butterfly -By Farhan NOOB

Hmmm....Hi there again =D~This is my swimming video.I've tried to swim as fast as possible to break my own record ^^.Well,i'm here to show to the other persons out there that never see me swim before ~~....Maybe everyone thinks that i'm useless , noobie and a loser...well i'm a loser but still better the most lau ea in this world LOL xD~!I'm a loser...mybe in academic...coz i never study hard actually...keep slacking and swimming =.=....But , I hope those out there who thinks that only themselves are the most pro in anything , please do not look down to the other person , coz for me sometime PRO can act like a NOOB~~But NOOB is still a NOOB like myself =.= wth am i talking about LOL ...sry maybe i SS~~!!!So , please learn how to respect ppl , please do not hurt their feelings , u will not lost anything right? But u'll gain PAHALA !! Lets go to Heaven wohoooo !! Enjoy the video lols ^^ i'm NOOB !!!


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